Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars

Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars is Elizabeth’s upcoming graphic novel that is scheduled for release through Top Shelf in 2026.

The needle-felted graphic novel is an auto-fictional re-imagining of the classic English work, “The Wind in the Willows”, set in her hometown on the Mexico/USA border. 

The story follows Maggie, a teen mouse girl who lives with her large family in the quiet Mexican desert town of Magdalena in the northern state of Sonora. Maggie is bright, ambitious and dreams of leaving her hometown to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. When a strange bus rolls into town carrying a troupe of insect and animal poets, wrestlers and musicians, Maggie seizes the opportunity to leave the monotony of home for the adventure of the open road. The bus takes Maggie further North to the border town of Agua Prieta Sonora, Mexico, where she is immediately swept up in the wild and outrageous schemes of the corrupt and foolhardy tarantula mayor whose own ambition has jeopardized the well-being of the entire town.


Tale Town is the annual comics publication, curated by Elizabeth Marruffo for the Perth Comic Arts Festival. Each issue commissions works from new and established comics-makers and asks them to respond to a different theme. The works are single, full-pages in the tradition of golden-age newspaper comics and provide opportunities for storytellers to explore new ideas and reach new audiences.

The Border is no Place for Whimsy

This experimental, mixed-media comic was created for the Any Reading Order exhibition that was curated by Bruce Mutard for the Perth Comic Arts Festival. The work combines intricate oil paintings with traditional Mexican folk-crafts to visualise the weaving narratives of a childhood lived across the Mexico/USA border.