Mandorla Art Award

I was lucky enough to be selected to be a part of the 2012 Mandorla Art Award. This years theme was ‘Born of a Woman’.

My most recent body of work has focused on entering into a critical engagement with the feelings and emotions I have towards my current home of Perth, my family home, and the home I make in the studio. I have been using the nest as a metaphor for these current creative homes, that are nurturing but which for me, are also about loss. This work for the Mandorla Art Award has been an extension on these thoughts with a more specific imagining of the body of a woman being a distant home for all of us. While making this work which is a portrait of my son and myself, I found I was thinking a lot about my Mexican and English grandmothers who lived in very different countries and yet shared a strong belief in their religions.

The exhibition is currently on at the Perth Town Hall and will be there until the 19th of August. It will then tour to New Norcia Museum and Art Gallery.

This Sunday, the 19th of August there will be a seminar held at the exhibition titled “Imagining Women: The Christian Tradition” which will explore the works and the role of the feminine in imagining the divine.

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