oops January

So, I missed doing a January post – things got pretty busy and the month flew…..
The latest news is that I have somehow acquired an art angel 🙂 His name is Leon and it means I have a solo exhibition to get ready for in Sydney at Friends of Leon gallery. It will be opening on Thursday May 13th, not far away and so that explains the busy January. I have made all my cradles and stretched them with linen and the vision is clear in my head, paintings are started and now I look forward to the surprises that making work makes!
Above is a detail from ‘milk and rainbows’ a painting for the Perth College exhibition in March.
In other news Nazario is getting all his milkymolar teeth in at once! – craziness…. 🙂 and also just generally being either super ridiculously cute and distracting or grizzly and demanding. For this reason I am also super pleased to announce that we have a studio now that is not our lounge room. Hooray!
It is literally 8 houses away and Campbell and I share it with our friend James who is also a painter. Watch out 2010.

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