pup pup is the boss of the stars

pup pup 5

pup pup 4

pup pup 3

pup pup 1

I have been accepted into an artist residency of my dreams in Oaxaca Mexico which is of course exciting and all that, but I am now mostly filled with stomach churning worries about “How the hell am I going to get there?”, “seriously!”, “HOW?!!!” how how how

So I have done what I advise all people to do in times of stress and panic – needlefelt the shit out of some fluffy wool and turn it into something cute and precious. I will be inviting everyone I know plus more everyones to purchase/commission  these cute precious things.

I will be making a few hundred needlefelted Corazons. Corazon means heart in Spanish and she was the dog from my childhood, she is in the photo above. These will be suspended in silver stars and hung in  the gallery space. I will also be accepting commissions to make the dog from YOUR childhood and these will be used to recreate the canis major constellation in the gallery space.

Bring a telescope to the opening, enjoy a Mexican hot chocolate and tuck yourself in under a blanket of stars as you gaze up at the canis major constellation filled with the spirits of the dogs from our childhood.


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