2021 – Message in a Bottle

Spectrum Project Space, Perth, Western Australia

Signed, sealed and cast out to sea.

In our creative lives we set ourselves adrift with the pure hope that our message will be found on some distant shore. If we’re lucky, that message is found by just the right kindred soul.

Message in a Bottle showcases four collaborating artist duos from Perth, who were lucky enough to find their kindred soul. Their works explore comics narratives, small sculptural vessels, and poetry. This exhibition features the strong but delicate connections that bond and bind us to one another.

Although each individual artist retains their own unique voice, together they weave their practices into a whole that is greater than the sum of their individual parts. Through their art they find ways to connect with one another, support each other, move across materials and send their messages out into the world.

This is the third exhibition curated by Elizabeth Marruffo for the annual Perth Comic Arts Festival and brings together contributing artists Alina Tang, Campbell Whyte, Bodie Hartley, Edward J Grug III, Jessica McLeod, Layla and Leonie Brialey.